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Monday, April 13, 2015

Junsu Death Note

Have you heard about it???

Super awesome...x sangke, Korean production have been thinking on doing Death Note on Musical Stage...

mesti awesome....


x dpt tgk...

here some trademark that L keep doing in Death Note...and i think Junsu can imitate well what L did

**credit picture to the owner...i'm not own it, just a fans

quite charming right..?? heheh

lepas ak post pasal Syarul Ridzuan ak post pasal Junsu....nmpk x betapa xd keje nye ak nie...hahahahahhahahaha...

Aku Terjatuh

Selak2 tetingkap jaring



sakit~!!!! ^_^


korang kenal x mamat nie..???

**jangan mare...merepek memlm jer... hehe**

sape x kenal kan Syarul Ridzuan nie...huhu

die tgh femes sekarang dgn drama Hati Perempuan dan Puteri Bukan Nama Sebenar

Macho habis la die dlm dua2 drama nie..

tp x tau la kn in real life die nie mcm mane...

sekali ak skodeng die punye profil...



just a year apart from me...

dh tua ak nie rupe nye...hahahahaha....


die ni orang Kuantan...haha...mesti biase mkn ikan patin kn..?? tipu la kalu x penah mkn...

pastu anak 2nk last...

haha...abes ak skoddeng, x penah2 skodeng malaysian artists selain Shila Amzah...haha

hye cik abang Syarul....
kalu awak bace nie...kite nk bg tau....walupon awk femes hope awak leh jage agama awak...tue je...Fighting!! Good Luck in your work...and i saw what you studied before...in aircraft...it's a WOW! ok la...tue jer...see ya... 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

what i need from my future husband...?? ehmm~

okay...scrol2 FB jumpe menatang nie...sgt accurate la kn...bak kt one of my chingu fb, women instinct biase nye sume same...so...here~

15 things i'm embarassed i need from my future husband.

By Lindsay Tigar for YourTango

I need you... (whoever he is and wherever you are right now.....)

1. To say -- and write -- loving things to me a lot.
I'm absolutely in love with words. And especially loving words. Even if it's as simple as "I love you" on a Post-It by the Keurig once a week, do it. I'll also settle for a text message (or 20), too.

okay, this one...ak rse most women nk fefeling mcm nie...kan..kan..? tp mungkin bg ak, kalu die x tulis pown, die tunjuk kan dgn perbuatan pown dah alhamdulillah...menunjukkan yg die sayang kite dan menghargai kite...

2. To ask my dad for my hand in marriage.
And my mom, too, while you're at it. I know it's old-fashioned, creepy and a bit anti-feminist, but you know what? I don't care. I'm convinced he'll say "yes" and though you might have to fly to North Carolina (please don't Skype, it's tacky) to ask, just think -- my dad will totally make you a steak and pop you a beer while you're there!

Part yg nie sgt penting...my opinion, not only asking to my dad but also my mom. she is important also to me...lebih2 lg my mom have 2 daughter... so, i really hope my fiture husband can make my mom exactly like his mom. He need to appreciate my mom for having me. I know, he has mom and his responsibility but he also must think that his wife's mom also his mom. Bi iznillah~

3. To be adept at balancing our incomes.
Though I'm pretty financially secure, I worry about having enough money more than anything else. I save more than the average mid-20s-something, but I have this irrational fear about it all disappearing. (Maybe because my NYC rent cost nearly double what most mortgages do?) I need you to be grounded on the topic and calm me down when I freak out.

Ehmm...about financing...nk ckp ap ek..?? i think i can handle it on my own...but yeah..even money is important but i think happiness is the true thing that we seek in our life..right? because I have it to little and limited. So, i think when someone give me a BIG happiness i will treasure it so much.

4. To give me a lot of space.
I was raised an only child and those type of kids can go one of two ways: strong and self-made or spoiled. Luckily, I'm the former but I've always had plenty of alone time and it's important to me. It's not you -- I love you already without even meeting you -- it's just that I have to have space to clear my mind. I promise to always come home to you.

Part yg nie pown sgt important though i'm not an only child but I live alone for almost 15 years. Everything i handle it on my own, some problem i Solve it alone, cry alone, make decision alone, have a hard time alone. So, yeah...sometime I need space... but I hope you understand me. I'll try to understand you because I love You right?

5. To have a lot of sex with me.
Oh, and I want a lot of babies, too. I know that gotta-have-you-right-now kind of sex changes the longer you're in a relationship (and especially when children come into the picture) but I always want to feel physically connected to you. And I want you to always view me as the sexiest woman you've ever known. In return, I promise to make an effort, even when I'm absolutely exhausted. I hope you will too.

malu tite dgr point yg nie...sape x nk anak ramai kn...lg la my siblings only 2, so, I hope my children has big sister, big brother, younger sister and brother...so, they have shoulder to cry on when friends are not around, they can laugh together, they can make memories toghether...and they will cherish their siblings relationship. yg pasal sex tue...ehmm..woman need man. but sometime i feel afraid...ehmm~..you never know untill you marry...hehe

6. To listen to me overcommunicate about everything.
I tend to ramble when I feel insecure; it's my way of forcing someone to say something. It's irrational and emotional and often unnecessary but if I don't say it, it'll eat me up inside. This vulnerability is part of the reason why I'm a successful writer, but it's also a downfall.

yes...to my future husband, i' sorry if I always marah2...membebel...sometime bkn sebb u pown...sebb org laen, tp you kne tempias...i'm sorry, hope you understand...because when i live alone, i always cry silently on my bed, when i feel i want to express my angry, i just cry...because i don't know how to say it when i am all alone. kne ckp kt dinding ke...?? cry pown dah face on the wall...harap awak fhm...tue je...saya sayang awak...nasihat awak sgt berguna buat saya... :)

7. To accept that I use six different bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
And at least 25 nail polish colors. Oh, and 10 lipsticks. Okay, fine, I don't need them but one day when I run out mid-shower, do you really want to be the one to run to the store to pick it up for me? Didn't think so.

okay, this is not so me...if you mcm nie...i think i can handle it. Insyaallah~

8. To tell me I don't look fat.
I might one day, but when I come out of our bedroom for some special event and you only muster, "Let's get going," my feelings will be really hurt. I'll pay you compliments and I'll rub your shoulders when you're stressed, so please do the same for me.

yes, compliment really help me alot actually, because sepanjang ak hidup nie, i didn't receive compliment that can build my confidence. I like to give compliment especially to the people i love, so, yeah.......please do the same to me...

9. To not be embarrassed when I cry in movies.
I'm super-independent, self-sufficient and strong, but dramas get me everytime. Sometimes, even comedies. Just bring the tissues to the theater, k?

please don't. saya nampak je mcm kasar, keras...mcm xd perasaan tapi my tears fall easily.

10. To speak your opinion.
I want to be in love with your mind, your heart, what you stand for, what pisses you off, what makes you unique, what makes you turned on -- I want to savor everything. So tell me everything. Share your life with me.

Yes, saye suke kalu awak bg tau, ap yang awk x suke, ap yg awak x puas hati...mungkin ad perkara yg mengguriskan perasaan saya tapi xp, saya suke. I really treasure it. It means a lot. It means i am important person to you. everything you share it with me, luar dalam. no secret. and me too....because i want husbnad yg saya boleh anggap die kawan gurau, kawan gaduh, teman menangis, teman belajar, teman shopping, teman dalam segala hal...die bukn hanye ACT like a BOSS and HUSBAND.

11. To plan regular date night.
Even if it's just in our sweats on a Friday night with takeout and a movie. I hear of couples losing the spark and I haven't even found the spark and yet I'm freaked out about losing it. Can we make a pact that we'll have a date night once a week? I'm cool with pizza and beer and Netflix, just as long as we don't lose each other in our busy lives.

kite bercinta selepas nikah. saya harap awak x malu nk keluar date dengan saya mcm pasangan kekasih. kite pasangan kekasih ap, tp sudah halal kn. peduli ap org nk kate. our culture dh tunggang terbalik, yg couple x halal berpegang tangn kite kate "biase la tue"....yg couple halal...serong2 masyarakat pandang...so, let's date at least every month...kt mane..?? x kesah...pantai, shopping, restoren, park...mane2 la, as long i am with you...

12. To have a mom who likes me.
We don't have to be besties or drink wine together all the time, but I want her to like me. Especially more than she liked your college girlfriend.

Yes, so true. I want to feel having your mom like my own mom. I hope she can accept me the way i am. I hope she can understand me. I knoe she love yoou so much but i hope she can trust me to take care of you.

13. To have a passion.
Or five of them. I never want to be anyone's everything, even yours. I really believe no one can grow in shade and I don't ever want us to feel suffocated by one another. I will support you in whatever you want to join, play or be part of, but have something you love besides me.

mcm saye ckp seblm nie. I want you like my love, friends, my enemy, my whatsoever beside as my loving husband. i will cherish what or any decision you make. but i hope x melanggar syariah...selagi perkara itu memberi manfaat kepada keluarga kite, i'll support you from behind. Insyaallah~ I LOVE YOU

14. To remind me you're sticking around.
Sorry, you can blame Tinder. And OkCupid. And every single bar scene in New York City. I don't have much faith in the opposite sex.

yes, please.....really hope that. i trust you but don't make me have any doubt on you.  LOVE YOU SO MUCH~

15. To feel loved.
And adored. My friends nickname me "love" because it's such a big part of my DNA. And yet in every relationship I've had, I haven't felt loved by the man I was with. Not truly, not fully, and not sincerely. I need to feel love in my bones and see it in your eyes. Why? Because I will love you more than you can imagine, and I need you to feel the same.

can not say anything. though you are not my first love but you are my last love sampai syurga. becuase having you is such a luck in my life. I will cherish it. I really appreciate because you can accept me the way i am. I hope that I can feel your love untill in my bone. saya adalah org yg agak setia, yg saya akan sayang awak lebih dari awak sayang saya. x caye...?? you'll see it. I'll do everything for you lillahitaala... you are my precious. how could me not love you.

THANK YOU for accepting me my future husband. hope our marriage will last long until jannah. kerana ISTIKHARAH i am accpeting you. Perancangan DIA maha hebat dan sempurna. Sebuah pasangan itu tercipta adalah untuk melengkapi supaya kita rasa bersyukur dengan apa yang Dia beri. Alhamdullillah~

Sayang Awak.........

This article originally appeared on YourTango.
Lindsay Tigar is a 26-year-old single writer, editor, and blogger living in New York City. She started her popular dating blog, Confessions of a Love Addict, after one too many terrible dates with tall, emotionally unavailable men (her personal weakness) and is now developing a book about it, represented by the James Fitzgerald Agency.

from your future wife yg dh berangan macam2...
Girls kan...
hehe~never escape berangan...hope one day it will become reality, because i want perfect happy family. Insyaallah~

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Choco...? Chocolate? Life...??

yes...kadang2 kite kutuk kehadiran coklat, kite ckp coklat boleh menggemukkan..tapi sedar tak kite yang coklat byk membantu dlm emosi kite...

kenapa kehidupan kite x boleh jadi mcm coklat? lembut didalam...keras diluar...bila digigit, smooth je masuk mulut kite...kemanisan die menguasai dlm mulu kite...hilang dah rase yg mase kite gigit tue, hany tinggal kemanisan dan di selang selikan dengan kepahitan koko itu sendiri....itu lah kehidupan...

Saya baru lpas ckp dgn my superhero, kadang2 saya rase, ap yg saya nk x smpi...kan bagus sekali sekala kite bercakap, kite cite tentang kehidupan, mcm mane ngajar, makan ap ari nie...masak ape...buat ape...kite duduk x sekali, jauh....bukan dipisahkan oleh sempadan sahaja tapi laut cina selatan...siap ad lautan hindi lagi...fahami lah saya...ini tidak, tanya tentang bisnes? yg saye rase sye sgt x nk dgr bile berckp dgn diorg...adakah saya seorang yang x mengenang budi...??

air mata owh air mata...
kau sajalah yang memahami apa yang terbuku
di lubuk hati ini..
sangat dalam
apabila mereka bertanya
aku jawab "tidak mengapa, sudah biasa"
pabila sudah meningkat umur...
sudah ada pekerjaan
aku mula terasa keseorangan
ak mula persoal kan
kenapa aku rase begini..?
kenapa aku seorang?
mereka ad keluarga....aku?
kenapa aku kena menempuh semua ini seorang?
kenapa dan kenapa sering menujah pemekiran ku
ak mula mengharap mereka pulang
menetap semula di tanah air
satu hari
bait-bait ini keluar dari percakapan ku
"saya x tua lagi tok, tapi saya sudah merasa hidup mcm atok, keseorangan, sunyi"
atok gelak jer...orang tua...
anak2 saudara menjadi penghibur
mereka nakal
tapi itu yang membuatkan saya tersenyum
melihat mereka membesar
telatah mereka
keletah mereka
ketawa mereka
itu yang paling saya hargai dalam hidup saya sekarang
apa yang saya lihat
yang dapat buat saya gembira
dengan sepenuh hati
sehinggakan kira nya ade perkara yang sepatotnya seorang ibu yang merasa sakit
saya pown turut terasa
Sayang nya Allah je yang tau
tetapi saya hanya mempu sorok kan sahaja
siapalah saya
Ya Allah
aku faham bile orang kata
Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya di luar kemampuan hambanya
tetapi entah mengapa
semakin hari semakin berat rasanya
ingin ku bawa diri ini
tetapi ke mana
untuk ape
pernah ku fikir utk membawa diri jauh di perantauan
tetapi tidak kesampaian
kita yang merancang tetapi Allah yang menentukan
Allahu rabbi
Allahu akbar

Tenang kan lah hambu mu ini. Ya Allah, hidupkan aku dengan iman, matikan aku dengan iman, permudahkan urusanku dengan iman, berikan ak kemudahan dengan iman serta taqwa.


Hamba yang lemah kuat
terima kasih naqib, nuqman, naurah...buah hati mak long sampai bile2...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

-La Vie~


sebelum saya tulis ap yg sya nk nukilkan. Forgive if i use the wrong word for title. It's a French word I learned form Japanese drama (about chocolatier). The meaning is LIFE. I just love the word.

It makes me wonder how interesting our life is. It have many different color with many different pattern. It depends on individu itself how they describe their life is.

When I think about my life, sometime I feel depressed. Why? because when I look around me some of my friends has their own partner, either he still her boyfreind or he's actually theri husband. Yes, it's her. Most of my friend is girl or maybe now i can call women. It's comforatble to be friend with girl. Is it my problem? I don't think so.

My depressed journey began after internship. After internship, I started do part time job and then i had graduation. I actually stop doing the job because I always come back late at night. It's quite worrying because I live alone. So, I just quit. Is it my problem? I think it's my conscience. then, about one year, I actually planned study overseas but things sure not going well. I don't know why but my IELTS is much improving from TEOFEL and MUET. So, in that matter, I am quite happy. Still, I am really sad, I cannot qontinued my study because of my loan. NOT APPROVED.

There must be something behind it that ALLAH already planned for me. Insyaallah. I have done my istikharah, ALHAMDULILLAH.

SO, now, I'm doing my life as a teacher (KAFA) and I really hope I can further on my scope soon either study or work.

See you again...

Feel to write again.

잘자~ 11.25pm..

*lonely girl* but she has ALLAH


Friday, October 17, 2014


kasih atau pun..... cinta? Sayang?

Perkataan yg membawa maksud yg berlainan bg setiap org. Mungkin ad yg sme tp mgkn tujuan, sbb setiap org adalah berlainan.

Bg seorang muslim, cinta yg pertama hendak lah jatuh pd bkn manusia. Iaitu Allah. Ini kerana manusia itu hak Allah jadi seharusnya kita mendahulukan Dia. Misalan, antara hamba dgn tuan nya. Hamba tersebut pastikan akan mendahulukan tuan die dlm ape jua keadaan. Kemuadian, bru pada manusia.

Ingt x lagu dlu2, korg nyanyi mse tadika...
Satu satu, saya syg Allah
dua dua sya syg rasullullah
Tiga tiga sya syg ibu ayah
1 2 3 saya syg semuanya

Mksd semuanya dlm lagu tu terlalu subjektif. Fikirkan lah. Ape yg utama.

Ingtan buat saya. Ingatan buat sume. Semoga hati kite sentiase bersih dari tipu daya dunia dan meletak kan Dia di tempat yg pertama sekali. Allahamdulillah, ak hidup hingga ke hari ini. Jangan lupa tugas yg paling utama kamu perlu laksanakan sbgi khalifah yg ptuh pd pecipta nya. Insyaallah.

Innallaha ma'a na~


As salam. 아인...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hehe, i'm happy now because i can post to my blog through my s3. I can post it before i go to bed, of course without open my boo lappy.

Are you?

Its amazing app. Although, i read comment that this app didnt allow blogger to post as many picture they want. But for me, i dont mind.

Good night, 잘가~~♥♥♥