i'm sorry if you upset with my blog...coz this blog is not for update only for kpop...i was their fans and i'm studying so, there is no time only for the update of them...i just read about them from the other site...this blog is just for fun, when i happy, sad, all are about me...even though it related to my interest (xiah junsu)...mianhae *_* my interest also include learning hangul...

Friday, October 17, 2014


kasih atau pun..... cinta? Sayang?

Perkataan yg membawa maksud yg berlainan bg setiap org. Mungkin ad yg sme tp mgkn tujuan, sbb setiap org adalah berlainan.

Bg seorang muslim, cinta yg pertama hendak lah jatuh pd bkn manusia. Iaitu Allah. Ini kerana manusia itu hak Allah jadi seharusnya kita mendahulukan Dia. Misalan, antara hamba dgn tuan nya. Hamba tersebut pastikan akan mendahulukan tuan die dlm ape jua keadaan. Kemuadian, bru pada manusia.

Ingt x lagu dlu2, korg nyanyi mse tadika...
Satu satu, saya syg Allah
dua dua sya syg rasullullah
Tiga tiga sya syg ibu ayah
1 2 3 saya syg semuanya

Mksd semuanya dlm lagu tu terlalu subjektif. Fikirkan lah. Ape yg utama.

Ingtan buat saya. Ingatan buat sume. Semoga hati kite sentiase bersih dari tipu daya dunia dan meletak kan Dia di tempat yg pertama sekali. Allahamdulillah, ak hidup hingga ke hari ini. Jangan lupa tugas yg paling utama kamu perlu laksanakan sbgi khalifah yg ptuh pd pecipta nya. Insyaallah.

Innallaha ma'a na~


As salam. 아인...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hehe, i'm happy now because i can post to my blog through my s3. I can post it before i go to bed, of course without open my boo lappy.

Are you?

Its amazing app. Although, i read comment that this app didnt allow blogger to post as many picture they want. But for me, i dont mind.

Good night, 잘가~~♥♥♥

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



I feel like I want to write something. I have been kpop fans since 2009 and the first group I know is DBSK. Its very heart  pain experience because after a few month i know them, they had a concert in Tokyo Dome and after that break up. But I rules them (JYJ) until now. I'm sorry, I love DBSK but I love JYJ more. Because for me the voice of DBSK is come from the three of them. 

After that experience, I really don't like SM. I don't know why even their artist that out after that incident. I like their song but I don't too into them. Mianhae...

Many things happen that i route since 2009. 
I know yonghwa. I saw him debut as CN blue and since then I become BOICE.
After that I start to rule many idol through variety show. They are super fun.

People laugh at me because I like kpop.I just let it go. You want to know why?
It just because they are being themselve instead of some idol do plastic surgery. In Islam, this part we cannot do because we should be thankful to Him what He gave to us. The song also to me more about love, life, care...its hardly fine that the song they relate to religion like west song. Because I am a Muslim so, if religion I prefer NASYEED. 

My advise, as a muslim, even you love kpop song. You cannot forget to read al quran EVERY DAY, did not follow their fashion which is not islamic way (it's their way, so let it be), don't be to into it like you want to live like them (it's not necessary), don't forget to solah if you join any fans gathering and last thing please be careful your relationship between gender either towards artist or between fans (think about muhrim). Fighting!

Now it's 2014, many things happen especially this year.....many controversy, scandal, company scandal...accident, some artist die, some idol become more successful, lawsuit here and there. It's not their luck year maybe. **same with me** :(



Wednesday, June 26, 2013


hari terkhir habis practical 20 April yg lepas...
sekarang dh bln June 26th..
sudah 2 bulan berlalu...
duduk rumah jer...
memperbaiki skill memasak ngn skill berehat..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

today last day of my free time...ain akan mule bertugas dgn pusat tusyen kt Simpang,,,
Buya kate gaji ckit...ntah la...ain rse okay...
mgkn ain just nk keje kowt...gaji ckit pown x kesah as long ain boleh simpan a bit...
Thanks Impak maksima for accepting me...
and thanks to Alia sebb citer psl tempat nie...kalu x ain x tau pown kt blkg tue ad tmpt kerja kosong,,,

here is the memories of last week i went to MSU for MSU launching and Dean Award Ceremony (for my last sem b4 LI result..) alhamdulillah~

first thing~
i want to talk about MSU launching, 
have u seen any launching with superb idea and great show..??
to me, i can only saw all of this in MSU...
it was launch by Tuanku Agong and it also my first time saw Agong very close in front of me..
the video montage was started by scanned of Tuanku Agong and Permaisuri Agong palm...
it was great...
and the video was unlock~it was lunch by hibiscus satellite...
which hibiscus is the main point of MSU...
at this point, i feel proud being MSUian..
thank you MSU for always give me many experience and opportunity in MSU..
although i'm not a best student but many things i learn here...
thanks you so much~!!
pasni ain akan masuk dunia pekerjaan...
harap sume berjalan lancar, insyaallah~


during watch MBR flash mob for Agong
bored, during the ceremony *mimie
 others, farah and syireen...
 the other classmate after ceremony **sume muke lapaq tue
 my kpop buddy~ Mun~~!!!
 our classmate (group/batch) yang hadir ** ++nasrul and joshua...


Monday, June 10, 2013

Pre Order Bedak Arab Murah

As salam,
Bedak Arab dengan harga RM35. 

Harga tidak termasuk postage.
(Pre Order untuk stock 1st July)

Postage semenanjung : Rm7
postage sabah serawak : Rm8

if interested, pm or msg me; 0177703713

**utk maklumat lanjut mengenai bedak arab, layari >> http://produk2u.com/bedak-arab-kokuryu/

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tak Mau Menganggur??!! Here the chances!!

Gaji Sehingga RM1300 - RM3400 Sebulan

Syarat Kelayakan:
- Asas komputer & internet
- Microsoft Office (Words & Excel)
- Boleh menulis, membaca & faham B.Inggeris
- Komputer/Laptop
- Akses ke talian internet
- 18 tahun keatas
- Boleh bekerja tanpa pengawasan

Maklumat lanjut sila layari >> Jobdirumah

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


korg dh tgok i miss You lakonan PARK YOOCHUN..??

daebak la citer nie...seyes, actually ain dh x nk tgok citer yg memerlukan air mata...
tp i had to watch this drama because
terang lagi bersuluh kowt...
sebb ad yoochun la...lagi ad budk ensem dlm tue..
and he end up crazy... ;(( kesian giler...

anyway...lagu2 kt bawah nie berjaya menambat hati ain lepas tgok i miss you nie...
walaupon lambat ak tgok...
tapi itd JJANG~!!!